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The DUI Book

DUI BookMessage from William C. Head:
The original idea for The DUI Book™ arose from Mr. Head's concern for the anxiety experienced by his accused DUI-DWI clients before they hired him to undertake their legal defense. The DUI Book™ answers thousands of questions that have been asked of Mr. Head or his staff for over 38 years. Most clients have expressed similar concerns about the consequences and penalties of a DUI conviction and asked similar questions over the nearly four decades that Mr. Head has done this work.

This hardbound book has 430 pages and (by answering questions and providing information) provides a source of comfort to citizens accused of “drunk driving” by providing information and answers about the various stages of the pre-arrest, arrest, post-arrest, bonding out, attorney selection, pre-trial, mid-trial, and post-trial processes, including issues relating to appeals. The DUI Book™ is organized in an easy-to-follow format. The Book is written for a non-lawyer’s reading level. Thousands of actual appellate case references are shown in The DUI Book™ to illustrate how each idea or legal defense might be employed in an accused citizen’s case. The “Smyth sewn” hardbound cover is durable and of top quality.

The DUI Book
Mr. head also asked top attorneys from various states to assist him with this book by co-authoring a state supplement that can be bundled with this book for the same purchase price -- $99.00. These state summaries track the chapters of The DUI Book™, but add special information about that state’s laws that may be unique to that state. These state supplements augment and expand the targeted information about D.U.I. - D.W.I. in each state and make this book doubly beneficial to a person accused in a state that offers a state supplement. Written by one of the premier DUI-DWI-OWI-OUI attorneys in that State.

See the helpful links shown on the left side of the page and locate targeted, current information. By making this information Internet-based, updates can help make this book much more relevant and accurate. This web site for The DUI Book™ will be maintained to provide that any book purchaser can refer back to it for the latest developments in drunken driving and drugged driving laws. If you have a pending Georgia DUI case in Atlanta, or any other location statewide, Mr. Head can be contacted via the national DUI lawyer website, TEAMDUI.com.

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"I have finished reading your most informative book. I found the book to be easy to read, yet brimming with useful information of interest to anyone concerned with the defense of drinking."

Honorable Charles Barrett Veteran DUI Judge in Georgia

Mr. Head and his law firm have offices located throughout metro Atlanta including: Fulton County, Dekalb County, Cobb County, Gwinnett County, and Henry County. He also has offices in Conyers (Rockdale County) and Athens (Clarke County).